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▪ Ragnarok Online™ Status Tool Last Update: 2004-06-06 13:21:00 2004-06-06 13:21:00  
RoStat is a small graphical tool for the game Ragnarok Online™ by gravity® which checks the game server status. So the user can see which game areas my be down and not accessable or if he even would not be able to login the game.
The latest release is version 2.7, and development is finished.

RoStat Client Window

Currently I am working on version 3, which is based on a new client-server structure to no longer ping the game server from each client and improve speed. It also has a two new graphical user interfaces, and some special futures for webmasters.
I am still waiting for an answer from gravity®, to create this new version in cooperation with gravity®, to avoid disturbing the game servers.
Additionally I changed the name from "Ragnarok Online™ Status Viewer" to "Ragnarok Online™ Status Tool".

Please note, that this is a standalone tool and no hack or emulator. Since a lot hacks and emulators appeared in summer 2002, 3rd party programs are generally called bad. You can be sure about this tool, it works standalone and does not use any forms of hacks or emulations.

  • Shows current server status without latency
  • Skinnable interface (supports RO skins)
  • Supports endless game servers
  • Free developer SDK and webmaster extensions
  • Shows status summary as tray balloon (when enabled)
  • Game server descriptions
  • Autoupdate
  • No hack or emulator
  • Supports english, german, norwegian (bokmal), russian, japanese, korean and traditional (big5) chinese
  • And, of course, it is freeware ^_~

"안녕이라고 중얼거리며 울었던 너에게 등을 돌려 걸었다
 반드시 돌아온다고 파란 하늘에 약속
 하늘에 뜬 구름이라면 당신에게도 갈 수 있는 것
 너에게 전하고 싶기에 이 하늘의 어느 구름을 쫓아
 먼 하늘 저 편, 당신을 생각하며 미래의 행복을 꿈꾼다
 때문에 언제라도 잊고 싶지 않은
 둘만의 사랑과 (둘만의 사랑과) 둘만의 꿈  Love Forever"


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