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Currently anime-Web.de is my biggest web project yet.
I try to create a cluster of anime fansites, which are connected though a common community. Visitors will have detailed access to alot of informations and documents network-wide with highest possible comfort.

Supported by the xplo.re® Community Network™, most user also won't need to register an own account. A centralized database let's the user browse every avaible content, and enables to create user-specific documents.

'Cause of school and work I don't have much time to work on the network, but as soon as possible I hope to finish working on it. A team is arranged, and it only is a question of time until the network will be avaible.

A small part of the network, digimon-Web.de, is already online. Following you will find a list with more accessable parts:

"You are my instigator
 You are my aggravator
 You are my space invader
 Cautionary warning
 I propose
 You are my complicator
 You are my instigator
 You are my aggravator
 Cautionary warning
 I propose to you"


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