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Here you will find some links to my favourite websites world-wide. Enjoy surfing -.^


Joshy's sweet homepage. Take a look :D


Here you will found many texts and poems frome one of the next-generation stephen kings -.^


Homepage from Bauzi-sama ^_^ For all japan-fans a must-be -.^

digimon-Web v.2

digimon-Web is a digimon fansite with alot of information about the characters, episodes etc. - it also is part of the anime-Web network, you can get detailed informations taking a look at "projects" on this homepage -.^


yesasia.com is one of the biggest asia online shops worldwide. Offering products from Korea(!), China, Japan and "the Western", the whole(!) site is avaible in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English. You can browse the content like Amazon, and best of all, often you get free(!) shipping.


The Microsoft Developer Network offers documents about programming the Microsoft Windows(R) Operation System.

"Nascer do sol, palavras, milagre
 Água pura, uma lágrima
 Paz, luz, amor...
 Fruto, agreste, respiração, liberdade
 Harmonia, vento da benção
 Tempestade, inquietação, escuridão
 Luz do sol alegria graças a Deus..."


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